Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce CC-V3-3.6

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Download Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce CC-V3-3.6. Actionable Google Analytics allows to use some of the most important features of Universal Analytics
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Actionable Google Analytics is a WooCommerce Plugin which allows you to use some of the most important features of Universal Analytics including Enhanced Ecommerce & User ID Tracking. Additionally, the plugin supports I.P Anonymization, Product Refund, Content Grouping, Form Field Tracking, Scroll Tracking & 15+ Custom Dimensions & Metrics.

By using our plugin you save hours of time in implementing complex Google Analytics code and instead focus on generating Actionable insights from your data.

Benefits of Plugin
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Access to 9 Reports of Enhanced Ecommerce
    • Shopping Behavior Report
    • Checkout Behavior Report
    • Product Performance Report
    • Sales Performance Report
    • Product List Performance Report
    • Internal Promotion Report
    • Order Coupon Report
    • Affiliate Code Report
  • Learn about how different devices are used by same user & how it drives purchase
  • Learn more about which products are refunded more often & take action for such products
  • Be in legal compliance by using I.P Anonymization which is important for EU countries
  • Learn more about which type of & what level of discounts generates conversion
  • Understand which payment methods are most widely used ?
  • Learn more about time taken to make purchase decision by customer
  • And much more
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