AffiliateWP - Zapier 1.1.2

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Download AffiliateWP - Zapier 1.1.2. Any app available within Zapier can be connected to AffiliateWP.
Add Zapier triggers to AffiliateWP.
The Zapier for AffiliateWP add-on allows you to connect AffiliateWP with over 700 different web services, using your Zapier account.

Any app available within Zapier can be connected to AffiliateWP.

The Zapier add-on authenticates with your Zapier account using the API Keys feature available in AffiliateWP 1.9 or later.

This add-on can has support for both Zapier Actions and Triggers. You can notify Zapier when the desired AffiliateWP activity occurs on your site (such as a new referral being created), as well as create, update, or delete any number of affiliates, referrals, visits, creatives, and payouts!

Any time AffiliateWP activity occurs on your site, if you’ve enabled Zapier to do so and your site is authenticated as noted above, this data is made available to third-party services via REST API endpoints.

Using these endpoints to power the Zapier add-on, we’re able to open AffiliateWP to the enormous world of the Zapier app ecosystem.

Enable only the notifications you want

Zapier notifications can be enabled individually for Affiliates, Referrals, Creatives, Visits, and Payouts.

Securely authenticate with your site, using the AffiliateWP REST API
Pop-up window from prompting for authentication with AffiliateWP on your site.

Trigger a Zapier action any time an affiliate, referral, visit, or creative is updated, deleted, or created, as well as any time a payout is created or deleted

List of Zapier triggers available in the AffiliateWP Zapier app.
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