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Event Espresso - Importer

Event Espresso - Importer 1.0.0

Download Event Espresso - Importer 1.0.0. Import a list of attendees into Event Espresso

Import a list of attendees into Event Espresso so you can send tickets to attendees through email and scan QR codes for check-in to your next event.

Event organizers choose Event Espresso to sell tickets and accept event registrations for classes, workshops, conferences, seminars, courses, and more.

With the Event Espresso Importer add-on, you can import attendees, registrants, and contacts into an upcoming event. Then with the Printable tickets extension, you can optionally email tickets with QR codes so they can be scanned at event check-in with a mobile phone or tablet.

Here are a few ways that our event organizers use the Event Espresso Importer extension for their events:

– Upload a list of students for a training course
– Create an event check-in for an annual conference by uploading a list of registrants
– Upload a list of previous delegates for a meeting
– Upload a list of invitees for a private event
– Import attendee tickets sold elsewhere from a CSV file
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