Event Espresso - Wait Lists Manager 1.0.2

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Download Event Espresso - Wait Lists Manager 1.0.2. Let attendees add themselves to a wait list if an event is full or runs out of tickets.

Event organizers choose Event Espresso for accepting event registrations for conferences, classes, workshops, nonprofit events, and more.

The Wait List Manager will collect necessary registration information from an attendee after an event becomes full or runs out of tickets. It will then monitor an event for a spot that becomes open and automatically notify the next attendee in line so they can confirm their registration.

Here is an example to help you understand how the Wait List Manager can work for you:

1) The Wait List Manager jumps into action as soon as an event becomes sold out
2) It then collects a name and an email address from attendees that are interested (up to a limit that you choose)
3) Behind the scenes, it monitors an event for open spots and when a spot opens up, then it reaches out to the next attendee in line through email, and asks them to confirm their registration

You can think of the Wait List Manager as a personal assistant that works tirelessly for you to keep your events full!

Here are just a few ways that our event organizers use the Wait List Manager extension for their events:

– Ability for students to fill out info questions through a sign up form for a class or course that is full
– Enable a waiting list for each workshop that reaches maximum capacity
– Show a waitlist feature when a conference runs out of tickets
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