GiveWP - Currency Switcher 1.3.13

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Download GiveWP - Currency Switcher 1.3.13. Currency Switcher allows your donors to choose which currency they'd like to donate with.

Allow your donors to switch to their currency of choice and increase your overall giving with the Give Currency Switcher add-on. Select from an extensive list of currencies, set the currency based on your users’ location, pull from live exchange rates and more!

Introducing the Currency Switcher Add-on for GiveWP
Donors often prefer to donate using their own country’s currency. Providing donors the option to switch to their currency can reduce abandoned donations and increase overall giving. The Currency Switcher add-on has been developed with an intuitive interface and powerful features designed to give you flexibility when setting up your multi-currency donation forms.

Let’s review some of the most powerful features:

Intuitive Multi-Currency Interface
Switching currencies should be super simple for your potential donors. We’ve adapted Give’s already intuitive interface to support multi-currency options with support for mobile, tablet, and of course computer interfaces.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.3.13

    * Fix: Prevent duplicate database updates from 1.3.12
  2. 1.3.12

    * New: Currency exchange code and amount are now stored in the new give_revenue table * Fix...
  3. 1.3.11

    * Fix: Resolved an issue with the previous release which was causing a JavaScript error for...