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GiveWP - Fee Recovery 1.8.0

Download GiveWP - Fee Recovery 1.8.0. Ask your donors to give a little extra to help cover the fees.

Credit Card processing fees can take away a big chunk of your donations. This means less money goes to your cause. Why not ask your donors to further help your cause by asking them to take care of the payment processing fees? That’s where the Fee Recovery Add-on comes into play.

Ask Donors to Help With the Credit Card Processing Fees
Your donors care about how you spend your funds. They want to know that as much of their donation goes to your cause as possible. Why not just ask them to donate a small additional amount to help buffer the costs of online credit card processing?

Give’s Fee Recovery Add-on allows you to give donors the choice to add that small additional amount so your total amount is not negatively impacted by the credit card processing fees.

This is beneficial for both you and your donors. You benefit by increasing your total donated income. Your donors benefit by knowing that 100% of what they wanted to give is going directly to your Cause.

Global and Per Gateway Options
Fee Recovery is very flexible. You can set global Fee Recovery options and then additionally customize the fees per gateway and per form. This means that you have as much control as you need over your fees at the form level, per-gateway, and per form level.

You also can select whether the donor chooses to opt-in to the fee recovery or whether it is automatic. Naturally, you can customize the messages for each of those options globally and per form and per gateway as well.

How are Fees Handled?
It’s important to note that the gateway fees are not removed. Instead, you are asking the donor to donate a small additional amount in order to lessen the impact of the credit card processing fees. For example:

Without Fee Recovery
  • Your donor wants to give $100.
  • The payment gateway fee is 2.9% + $0.30.
  • You only receive $96.80 ($100 – $3.20).
With Fee Recovery
  • Your donor wants to give $100.
  • The payment gateway fee is 2.9% + $0.30.
  • The Fee Recovery Add-on allows your donor to cover the fee.
  • Your donor’s new total is $103.20 ($100 + $3.20), your fees will be taken from that new total; increasing your bottom-line.
  • You receive the full $100.
Savings Over Time
If this same donation occurs 200 times throughout the year, then you save $640 (200 × $3.20) for your cause with the Fee Recovery Add-on!
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Latest updates

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    * New: Added a new "Maximum Fee Amount" option so now you can limit the fee coverage calculated...
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  3. 1.7.10

    * Fix: The percentage and amount fields in WP-Admin did not appear styled properly since...