GiveWP - Google Analytics Donation Tracking 1.2.5

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Download GiveWP - Google Analytics Donation Tracking 1.2.5. Track your donations made on your site through Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce.

Google Analytics Donation Tracking uses Google Analytics’ Enhanced E-commerce features to measure your donation campaign success.
Track user interactions with donation forms across the user’s site experience, including initiating the donation process, completing a donation, admin refunds, and more.

Tracking Donations with Google Analytics’ Enhanced E-commerce
With Google Analytics Donation Tracking you can take the guesswork out of understanding how your website visitors donate.
Enhanced E-commerce tracking is free and built right into Google Analytics.
When enabled, it captures a wealth of information about your donation transactions, including the transaction amount, traffic sources, most popular donation forms, and the number of visits made before a donor gave.

“But wait,” you ask “We don’t sell products…” That’s OK! Payments still occur and therefore transactions are made.
This means that you can leverage the power of Enhanced E-commerce tracking for donations, too!

Unlock Powerful Reporting Features
Not only do you get better transaction data within Google Analytics, but this integration also opens up access to a world of useful reports:
  • Most valuable traffic sources
  • Most popular donation forms
  • The number of visits made before a user donates
  • Which donations are refunded most
  • Which donation forms have the highest conversions
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  1. 1.2.5

    * New: Added support for the upcoming release of GiveWP 2.7.0 and the new donation form template.