GiveWP - Manual Donations 1.5.0

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Download GiveWP - Manual Donations 1.5.0. Manually create donation payments within Give. Support for Recurring Donations.

The Manual Donations allows you to create donations directly in your WordPress dashboard.
Donations can be attached to a specific donor, or a new donor can be easily created during the donation creation process.

Create Manual Donation Transactions
Creating manual donations is as easy as filling out a simple form and clicking “Submit”.
With this Add-on you can point and click your way through each field necessary for your Give Donations, Reports, and Donor records to reflect this new Donation accurately.

Support for Recurring Donations
When creating a new donation on a form that supports recurring donations, you will be presented with the recurring options available to the donor.
This will create the “parent” recurring donation — the very first donation of a new subscription, essentially.
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