GiveWP - Paymill Gateway 1.1.1

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Download GiveWP - Paymill Gateway 1.1.1. Accept credit card donations directly through Give using Paymill.

Paymill is a European credit card processor that enables you to accept credit card donations directly on your website.
This add-on allows you to process credit cards through your Paymill account.

Paymill can accept payments in all major European currencies, as well as many other local currencies. You can see a list of all countries and currencies available in the Paymill FAQ.

  • A fully activated PAYMILL account is required to use this gateway. You can find more details at We still recommend the use of an SSL certificate, though a customers card details are not passed to your site, but are transferred securely from the customer to PAYMILL
  • PAYMILL can accept donations in a number of countries, and currencies. You should ensure that the service is available in your country and chosen currency.
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  1. 1.1.1

    * Fix: Resolved conflicts with Recurring Donations when configuring your donation form settings.