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Download GiveWP - Square Gateway 1.1.1. Accept credit card donations directly on your website using the Square payment gateway add-on

The Give Square add-on allows you to accept credit card donations directly on your website using the Square payment gateway.

Introducing Square for Online Donations
Already using Square to accept donations in person? Now you can also accept donations online quickly and easily using the same system you’ve already come to know and love.

Why Use Square to Accept Donations
The Square add-on allows your donors to enter their credit card details during the donation process without ever having to leave your site. This results in a better giving experience for the donor and more successful conversions for you.

End-to-end encryption
From the time the donor enters their credit card, the data is encrypted until it reaches Square’s processing environment. The donor’s sensitive data never touches your server. And it’s all preconfigured, with no additional steps necessary.

Fast deposits
Get your money faster with Square’s deposits as soon as the next business day. Square also offers instant or scheduled same-day deposits for an additional small fee. Keep an eye on your funds with real-time updates about your donations.

Fraud detection
Square uses machine learning to analyze every payment in their ecosystem. This helps prevent fraud regardless of the number of donations you are accepting. Ultimately, this means you can be more confident your online donations are less subject to fraud than many other less sophisticated payment gateways.

Refund directly through Give
We’ve built in the functionality to process refunds for donations right into the add-on. Simply update the payment status to “Refunded” and check the option to also refund the payment at Square. This will process the refund via the Square API quickly and conveniently.

Square Gateway Requirements
  • A valid Square account
  • An SSL Certificate and your site configured to HTTPS.
  • Connecting your account to the Give Square partner app to process secure transactions.
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