Gravity Perks - Conditional Pricing 1.2.46

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Download Gravity Perks - Conditional Pricing 1.2.46. Create flexible, conditional pricing for your Gravity Form product fields.
What does it do?
The GP Conditional Pricing perk allows you create flexible and powerful pricing levels for your Gravity Form Product fields.

Save yourself the hassle and frustration of creating twenty different Product fields with different prices when what you really want is a single Product field with a variable price.

GP Conditional Pricing can handle even the most complicated pricing variations with an easy-to-use interface for creating unlimited pricing levels per Product field.

How does it work?
Using GP Conditional Pricing’s easy-to-use pricing levels interface, you can create an unlimited number of pricing levels for each of your Product fields.

Pricing levels consist of a price and a set of pricing rules that determine which pricing level should be used for the Product field’s price. Pricing rules work just like Gravity Forms’ default conditional logic but instead of showing/hiding a field, the pricing rules determine which pricing level will be used to set the price of the Product field.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.2.46

    Fixed a UI issue where prices with decimals could not be stored.
  2. 1.2.45

    Added formId to the options passed to the gpcp_price JS filter.
  3. 1.2.44

    Added gpcp_price PHP filter to complete it's JS counterpart. Added docblock for gpcp_price JS...