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Gravity Perks

Gravity Perks 2.2.2

Download Gravity Perks 2.2.2. Gravity Perks is a WordPress plugin by Gravity Wiz that allows you to effortlessly install and manag
A WordPress plugin that allows you to effortlessly install and manage easy-to-use enhancements (aka "perks") for Gravity Forms.
  • Unlimited Access to Perks
    Buying Gravity Perks grants you access to all perks. That's 24 perks and counting!
  • New Perks Regularly
    New perks available through out the year! The best part? These new perks will be based on customer demand.
  • Premium Support
    One of the best perks of your Gravity Perks license is premium support! If you've got a question or problem, get in touch. We are eager to help!
  • Forward Compatibility
    If a perk's functionality is ever rolled into Gravity Forms' core the perk will be updated to automatically convert your existing settings to work with Gravity Forms.
  • Seamless Integration
    Don't waste time learning a new system, Gravity Perks seamlessly integrates with Gravity Forms' existing interfaces.
  • Install and Manage in the Admin
    Install and manage your perks right from the WordPress admin. It's a hassle-free system for managing GF-specific functionality.
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Latest updates

  1. 2.2.2

    Fixed issue where minimum requirement admin notices were not displayed in WordPress dashboard...
  2. 2.1.11

    Fixed issue where extraneous HTTP requests checking for announcements would be sent from the...