GravityView - Advanced Filtering Extension 2.1.8

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Download GravityView - Advanced Filtering Extension 2.1.8. Have precise controls over what entries are displayed in a View with GravityView
Controls what entries are displayed in a View based on the value of form entries, like “Conditional Logic” in Gravity Forms.

  • Show only the entries created by the logged-in user
  • Display entries that match a search value
  • Show entries by user role
  • Show entries in a specific date range
  • Filter entries based on the URL values passed to the current page
Add as many filters and conditions as you need!
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Latest updates

  1. 2.1.8

    * Fixed: Field Conditional Logic did not work with multiple-input field types (e.g. Address...
  2. 2.1.7

    * Fixed: Comparison of dates in field conditional logical results in a PHP notice * Fixed...
  3. 2.1.5

    * Fixed: Relative date comparison (e.g., "Entry Date" > "tomorrow") not working for field...