Out-of-the-Box - Dropbox plugin for WordPress 1.19

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Download Out-of-the-Box - Dropbox plugin for WordPress 1.19. Start using the Cloud even more efficiently by integrating it on your website.
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Say hello to the most popular WordPress Dropbox plugin! Outofthebox is a user-friendly, highly customizable, innovative Dropbox integration plugin for WordPress that displays your Dropbox files in a beautiful way. No coding skills required!

It is really easy to start building your WordPress website with OutoftheBox – there are just a few clicks to make:

  • Link your Dropbox account to the plugin with just 1 click!
  • In the WordPress Page or Post editor, open the OutoftheBox Shortcode Builder and choose a pre-configured mode
  • Select the Dropbox Folder which should be used as starting point for the plugin
  • Simply adjust the shortcode in the Shortcode Builder via intuitive controls and options
  • Insert the Shortcode and publish your page!
Outofthebox is the #1 Ultimate Dropbox plugin for WordPress on the market – and part of a series of Cloud Plugins already powering 5.000+ company websitesimproving their workflow. Join now and start using your Dropbox even more efficiently by integrating it on your website!
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    Added: %wc_order_date_created% placeholder for WooCommerce Upload integration Fix: Upload events...
  2. 1.18.3

    Added: New 'Open Subfolder' setting which can be used to set a specific sub folder in a Private...
  3. 1.18.2

    Fix: GravityPDF integration not loading anymore Fix: Resolved conflict with the Plyr.io library...