SearchWP Metrics 1.3.2

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Download SearchWP Metrics 1.3.2. SearchWP Metrics provides effective on-site search implementation.

An effective on-site search implementation provides unique insight into your visitors. By observing what visitors are searching for you can make educated decisions about areas of improvement when it comes to your content.

SearchWP’s Metrics extension collects comprehensive data for on-site search, and provides you with actionable advice about refinements you can make to your content as time goes on.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.3.2

    [Fix] SearchWP 4 compatibility fix when displaying some reports
  2. 1.2.8

    [Fix] Error when SearchWP 4 is not active [Fix] Warning when SearchWP is not active
  3. 1.2.5

    [Fix] Omission of redundant core Stats links when using SearchWP 4 [Fix] Handling of ignored...