Ultimate Member - MailChimp 2.2.9

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Download Ultimate Member - MailChimp 2.2.9. Integrates Ultimate Member with MailChimp newsletters.
This extension integrates MailChimp with Ultimate Member and allows users to subscribe to your mailing lists when they register on your site.

Key Features

  • Automatically add users to a MailChimp list when they register.
  • Allow users to opt-in to subcribing to a MailChimp list when they register.
  • Add multiple lists to register form and allow users to select which lists they subscribe to.
  • Show different lists on different register forms.
  • Sync user meta with MailChimp list.
  • Allow users to subscribe/unsubcribe from their account page.
  • Restrict lists to certain roles (Only roles that can subscribe/unsubcribe to a list will see it on their account page).
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Latest updates

  1. 2.2.9

    * Fixed: Unsubscribe form
  2. 2.2.8

    * Added: Setting "Groups and Tags view" * Added: Setting "Label" for the MailChimp field *...
  3. 2.2.4

    * Added: Frontend script and style * Added: Setting "Marketing Permissions" * Added: User Roles...