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WooCommerce Bookings Availability 1.1.16

Download WooCommerce Bookings Availability 1.1.16. Show booking availabilities via Gutenberg blocks with WooCommerce Bookings Availability.
Display availability of bookings with Blocks Editor
Sell more bookings by presenting a calendar or schedule of available slots in a page or post. Offer a curated selection or all of your products in a format that makes it easier for customers to quickly find a time and date that works for them and add to cart.

Customize products to display
Choose which products are represented in your calendar or schedule:
  • All Products – Add all bookable products
  • Specific products – Select a list of individual products
  • Specific categories/resources – Select one or multiple categories or resources
Schedule Block
Display product availability for a given day/week/month in a list format that allows customers to add directly to cart.

Calendar Block
Display product availability for a given month in a calendar that allows customers to add directly to cart. The calendar view also provides additional information to customers via popup for each booking.

Give Bookings a boost
Craft the perfect customer experience by considering add-ons that other WooCommerce store owners use with WooCommerce Bookings.
  • Take a deposit for a reservation with Deposits
  • Power up reminder emails with Follow-Ups
  • Try our free Accommodation Bookings add-on, or the Hotel theme, if you have a hotel or B&B
  • Allow service providers to submit and manage offerings themselves using Product Vendors
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1.16

    * Fix - Weekly calendar block times are incorrect. * Tweak - Filter for block parameters...
  2. 1.1.15

    * Tweak - WordPress 5.5 compatibility.