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Woocommerce Buy One Get One Free 2.1.5

Download Woocommerce Buy One Get One Free 2.1.5. Create Buy One, Get One Free deals in your WooCommerce store.
The Buy One Get One Free plugin allows to create offers of the type: if the customer adds to cart a specific quantity of a product, then give away one or more items of the same or another product.

Some examples of promotions you can create with Buy One Get One Free:
  • Offer a Laptop Bag if shoppers purchase one or more items from the Laptop category.
  • Allow shoppers to choose a free product of the category Accessories when they purchase one or more items of the category Hoodies.
  • When the shopper purchases a hoodie, adds to the cart another hoodie for free.
Most popular features
Allow customer to choose the free product
Restrict offers by user role
Start and end dates
Enable the offer with a coupon
Limit the number of uses per user
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