WooCommerce Follow Ups Emails 4.9.13

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Download WooCommerce Follow Ups Emails 4.9.13. WooCommerce Follow Ups Emails will better engage your customers and students.
Do you always remember to send a personalized email to follow up with customers?
Do you know who your best customers are and continuously nurture them towards an additional purchase or ensure happiness with their last one?
Do you want to know when a student is falling behind or has not yet taken a quiz?
Do you add new content and communicate this to your audience? Do you segment your mailing lists based on interest?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, Follow-Up emails will change your business for the better. The Direct Marketing Association reports that email marketing ROI is $43 for every dollar spent, making it the most effective marketing channel for driving sales.

Social media is all the rage, and with Follow-Ups you are not left behind. It has yet to become the direct sales driver that emails are proven to be, but it is extremely powerful as a marketing tool. This is why Twitter follow-ups are integrated into this plugin.

Follow-ups will better engage your customers and students by creating complex drip campaigns based upon user interests, course and purchase history to drive more purchases and higher engagement, all with less effort across multiple marketing channels.
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