Woocommerce Local Pickup Plus

Woocommerce Local Pickup Plus 2.9.0

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Download Woocommerce Local Pickup Plus 2.9.0 clean or nulled. Wooc Local Pickup Plus let customers pick up products from specific locations.
Local Pickup Plus enhances this functionality by allowing you to define one or more pickup locations so your customers can select one during checkout. The selected pickup location is displayed to your customer on the frontend in the Account – View Order page and in the order emails. The pickup location is also displayed for you in the order admin.

Using Local Pickup Plus, your customers know exactly where to go to pick up their products, and you know where to expect them.

What does Local Pickup Plus add to WooCommerce?
  • Configure one or more pickup locations for the customer to select from at checkout
  • Supports multiple shipping methods per order
  • Selected pickup location is displayed in customer’s Account – View Order page, order emails, and in Order Admin
  • Set a cost for pickup, or a cost per pickup location
  • Configure and offer a discount for pickup in terms of amount or subtotal percentage NEW
  • Configure some product categories as “pickup only” (great for items that would require freight shipping!)
  • Optionally disallow local pickup for other product categories
  • Use the pickup location as the taxable address
  • Optionally hide the customer Shipping Address form to streamline checkout when Local Pickup Plus is selected
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