WP Simple Pay Pro 3 (Personal) 4.1.6

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Download WP Simple Pay Pro 3 (Personal) 4.1.6. WP Simple Pay Pro 3 add high conversion Stripe payment forms to your WordPress site.
WP Simple Pay Pro 3 add high conversion Stripe payment forms to your WordPress site.

WP Simple Pay Pro Features:
Payment Form Drag & Drop Builder
Drag and drop to add a custom amount entry, a coupon code field, various custom field types, subscription plan selection, a total amount label and more.
All data entered into these custom fields are stored as "metadata" with each Stripe payment record within your Stripe dashboard, so everything is viewable alongside all payment or subscription plan data.

3 Form Display Types
Select from the embedded, overlay, or Stripe Checkout payment form display types.
Compare them by trying a few of our demos.
Use Stripe Checkout Payment Pages
If you need only minimal payment form customizations and don't need an overlay payment form, you can utilize Stripe's fully-hosted checkout pages for payment. As of September 13, 2019, the newer Stripe Checkout has replaced the "legacy" Stripe Checkout overlay.
You can set a few options when using Stripe Checkout, but when this option is selected, Stripe dictates what can and cannot be configured on the checkout page as it is served up by Stripe’s servers.

Allow Custom Amount Payments
Set a one-time amount or let your site visitors pay what they want. Optionally specify minimum and default amounts.

Add and Customize Subscription Options
Connect a payment button to an individual Stripe plan or let your site visitors pick a plan to subscribe to. Add a custom amount option, charge a setup fee or tie into free trials.
Try a few of these subscription demos:
You can also set up installment plans to end subscriptions after a specific number of charges.

Note: Subscription capabilities are included with a Plus or higher license.
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Latest updates

  1. 4.1.6

    * Fix: Ensure manually calculated coupon amounts return a valid integer. * Fix: Ensure ACH Debit...
  2. 4.1.5

    * Fix: Properly store inclusive tax rate in Payment metadata for use with {tax-amount} template...
  3. 4.0.2

    * Fix: Ensure currency symbol position preview is correct in settings. * Fix: Avoid PHP notice...