WPDM Remote FTP Add-on 2.2.8

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Download WPDM Remote FTP Add-on 2.2.8. WPDM Remote FTP Add-on will help you to store your files on a remote server.

WordPress Download Manager Pro remote FTP storage add-on will help you to store your files on a remote server and add files from a remote FTP location in your package. You can explore remote FTP server locations and select any file from there to add to your package. If you add multiple files with a package enable individual file download.

How to Use FTP Auto-Import Dir:
  1. Create a dir in your FTP server
  2. Create a CSV file with all importable package data ( Sample CSV File ) and put it in that FTP dir
  3. Create another dir named files inside the FTP dir ( #1 )
  4. Put all importable file in files dir
  5. Set up an everyday cronjob for URL http://yoursite/?importcsv=1 in your server
  6. Now the cronjob will check the CSV file every day for changes, if you add new row there or update any row, it will be imported/updated accordingly.
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