YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce Premium 1.0.36

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Download YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce Premium 1.0.36. YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce Premium completes shipping managemen.
YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce a WooCommerce plugin which easily completes shipping management and offers the chance to set different shipping rates

  • Create general shipping rules or rules per single product (either simple or variable)
  • Associate a shipping cost with every rule
  • Create shipping rules by category or product tag
  • Choose the country to which each rule applies
  • Apply the rule only if:
    • the cart total is between specified values
    • the product quantity reflects the specified criteria
  • Add a fixed cost to each product in the cart
  • Show a custom message on the product page
  • Drag and drop your shipping rules to set a processing priority among them
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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.36

    * New: Support for WooCommerce 5.3 * Update: YITH plugin framework * Fix: Minor bugs
  2. 1.0.34

    * New: Support for WordPress 5.7 * New: Support for WooCommerce 5.1 * Update: YITH plugin...
  3. 1.0.33

    * New: Support for WooCommerce 5.0 * Update: YITH plugin framework * Dev: Filter...