YITH WooCommerce Compare Premium 2.4.6

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Download YITH WooCommerce Compare Premium 2.4.6. YITH WooCommerce Compare is an indispensable tool for you if you owe a quite big shop.
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YITH WooCommerce Compare is an indispensable tool for you if you owe a quite big shop, including many items with similar features.
Research made on most popular e-commerce shops have proved that the more options consumers have – and so similar products to choose among – the more they tend to feel confused and feel the need to analyse each possibility before purchasing.

Thanks to this plugin, your customers will be able to compare in a simple and efficient way products on sale in your shop, analyse their main features in a single table and understand immediately what is just right for them, without having to examine each single product page in search for the information they are looking for.
Making selection process easier means making purchasing process quicker and pushing your customers to purchase in the shortest possible time.

Make your customers' life easier and allow them to make a comparison among your products in the easiest and most efficient way ever: with a few clicks, they will get an overview on everything you offer and they will be able to choose what best meets their needs.
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