YITH Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Premium 2.1.7

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Download YITH Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Premium 2.1.7. YITH Dynamic Pricing and Discounts allows you to set a discount depending on the payment method.
YITH Dynamic pricing per Payment Method for WooCommerce Premium allows you to set a markup or a discount depending on the payment method used.

  • All the features of the free version
  • Discounts may be applied on all the store's products, or just on a part of them,selecting categories, tags or product lists
  • Discount offer only for specific user roles of the store
  • Discount rules for specific user lists
  • Apply offers one or more times, by group users
  • Schedule of future discounts
  • Freedom to choose a time span in which make the discount available
  • 3 kinds of discount rules:
    • quantity discount: a proportional discount to the amount of purchased products
    • special offer: the application of the discount depends on the combination of the available products in the cart; it can be repeated in time
    • discount exclusion: the discount is not available only for specific shop users, product lists, or product of certain categories
  • Support to variable products
  • Opportunity to apply the discount on certain products depending on the amount of these in the cart
  • 3 kinds of discount modes (by percentage, by amount, by fixed value)
  • Price table in the product detail page
  • Freedom to apply the discount in the cart amount
  • Show the product discount in different spots of the shop
  • Creation of combinable discount rules
  • Limitation of the discount rules only to discounted products
  • Show messages in product detail page to inform users about the available offer for the selected product
  • Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor: you can limit your proposal only for the products of the selected vendors
  • Discount rules can be combined with other coupons applied to the cart
  • Shop manager can create and configure new discount rules
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