YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Premium

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Premium 2.0.4

Download YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Premium 2.0.4. With YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Premium you can start a rewarding program with points.
With YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards Premium you can start a rewarding program with points.

For each purchase, for each action in your shop, they will collect points that, summed together, will turn into a free gift or a discount on a new purchase.
But for those customers for whom it is almost impossible to reach even the first reward (so, those on which point-based programs have no effect), instant rewarding is the best choice: the immediate gratification that, right because not required, is much more efficient in instilling a positive attitude towards you in customers’ mind, even in a totally unconscious way.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: if you were offered a 50% discount on any item in exchange of your registration in a technology shop, wouldn’t you feel to purchase something?

  • Users can benefit of a discount calculated according to their point credit
  • You can set a maximum amount for discounts (customisable according to category and single product)
  • You can set an expiration date for points collected
  • You can schedule promotions on collected points
  • You can set a validity for point assignment rules for categories and/or single product
  • Send remind emails some days before points expire
  • You can remove points assigned for orders that are later cancelled or refunded
  • You can assign points also to customers who have purchased before the plugin was installed
  • You can customise point assignment according to WordPress role users have
  • You can assign extra points when the following conditions occur:
    • registration in the store
    • first order placed
    • review on product
    • specific spend threshold reached
    • specific number of points collected
  • You can edit all labels and messages shown to users
  • You can enable email sending to users each time their point credit is updated
  • You can enable messages to inform users about:
    • points due for purchase of the selected product
    • discount in cart available according to points collected so far
  • Widget in dashboard to allow administrator to view users that have collected more points so far and those who have used discounts
  • Widget ‘YITH YWPAR Points Rewards’ showing users their current point credit
  • Shortcode that allows to show the points history to user
  • Possibility to set a percentage discount in relation to product price
  • Possibility to set a minimum amount of discount under which users can’t redeem their points
  • Reset points history for all users registered to the shop
  • Import points history from WooCommerce Points and Rewards
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