1. GravityView - A-Z Filters Extension

    GravityView - A-Z Filters Extension 1.2.1

    Make it easy for users to view entries using a list of links from A-Z. Clicking on a link will narrow the results to entries that start with that letter. Widget Settings Choose what field to filter by Choose which alphabet to use (supports multiple languages!) Show letters in capital or...
  2. GravityView - Advanced Filtering Extension

    GravityView - Advanced Filtering Extension 2.1.4

    Controls what entries are displayed in a View based on the value of form entries, like “Conditional Logic” in Gravity Forms. Show only the entries created by the logged-in user Display entries that match a search value Show entries by user role Show entries in a specific date range Filter...
  3. GravityView - Ratings & Reviews Extension

    GravityView - Ratings & Reviews Extension 2.0.1

    Allow visitors to rate, review & comment on your Gravity Forms entries. Perfect for business and event listings. Display star ratings for entries Allow users to upvote and downvote entries Add full reviews Reply to reviews or comments We’re working on documentation! Getting started: Go to...
  4. GravityView - Social Sharing & SEO Extension

    GravityView - Social Sharing & SEO Extension 2.0

    Make it easy for visitors to share your View entries using popular social networks and enhance your site’s search engine optimization. Add sharing buttons to your Views and entries from the following plugins: Jetpack JP Sharing ShareThis And add advanced SEO customization in concert with the...
  5. GravityView - Featured Entries Extension

    GravityView - Featured Entries Extension 2.0.6

    Highlight entries in your View by adding Featured Entries. When entries are featured, they are placed at the top of search results and highlighted. Running a paid directory? Allow people to pay more for featured listings. Featuring an entry is simple: simply star the entry in Gravity Forms!
  6. Math by GravityView

    Math by GravityView 1.3.2

    Arithmetic in WordPress is now easy. Math by GravityView makes performing calculations simple. Gravity Forms and GravityView are not required. Do math with your Gravity Forms form data. Calculate totals. Perform complex functions. Count the number of entries in a form Values are always up to...
  7. GravityView - Gravity Forms Import Entries

    GravityView - Gravity Forms Import Entries 2.1.8

    Import entries from a CSV to Gravity Forms. GravityView not required. Bulk import your CSV spreadsheet into Gravity Forms in minutes. Our Import Entries plugin makes it simple to bulk import hundreds or thousands of entries in minutes. There are no limits on the number of rows you can import...
  8. GravityView

    GravityView 2.9.2

    The best way to display Gravity Forms entries on your website GravityView is the best way to display Gravity Forms entries on your website. With GravityView you can easily display entries visitors (or users) of your website made using GravityForms on the front-end. It’s an amazing piece of...
  9. GravityView - DataTables Extension

    GravityView - DataTables Extension 2.4.6

    GravityView has deeply integrated with DataTables, the best script for working for tabular data. Browse, filter, and sort entries with live updates. Includes support for DataTables extensions: Scroller Buttons Search results populate without refreshing the page Sorting by column updates...