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Linkedot - Linkedin Automation Tool


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Linkedot is a LinkedIn automation tool that automates various activities on LinkedIn.

How many LinkedIn profiles can I use Linkedot on?
Linkedot is attached to your browser and not to the profile unlike competitor products. Hence you can access multiple LinkedIn profiles as long as you are within the limit of messages.

Does the tool need my LinkedIn user ID and password to operate?
No, we do not ask for any user ID or password in any form. Linkedot action window will opens up automatically once you sign on LinkedIn page.

Does Linkedot replace Linkedin Premium/SalesNavigator?
This is a wrong comparison but this question is asked often – Linkedot is a automation tool which works on top of Linkedin Search.

Sales Navigator provides more granular search fields like – Position(CEO,VP,Manager etc) , Employees(5-10, 10-100, 100-1000 etc). If you are targeting Professionals like Dentists, Attorneys etc, You may not be benefited from such granular search. However if you target companies, you may find Sales Navigator useful. It does not provide automation capabilities though which are exclusively available in Linkedot.

Why should I automate LinkedIn activities, how will I benefit?
The idea behind building Linkedot is to save you time (hundreds of your precious hours every week), especially when your business depends on building your network and actively managing your LinkedIn profile. This involves doing lot of repetitive tasks everyday wasting your precious time. You could rather be using that time constructively to meet people and close deals or spend time with loved ones.

What is Linkedot?
Linkedot is a LinkedIn automation tool that automates various activities on LinkedIn such as sending personalized messages, building connections, auto-follow ups, profile visits, remove connections etc.


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